Boblegardin tromler

The Port of Drammen is expanding the port and Waen's bubble curtain will stop particle dispersion from the construction.

Most cars that arrive in Norway are unloaded at the Port of Drammen. The port is therefore embarking on a major development of the Holmen area in the middle of Drammenselva’s outlet. As a measure against the spread of particles in connection with the development, WAENS was commissioned to install a 350 m long bubble curtain at a depth of 30 m, in the fjord outside the work area. The installation proved to limit the spread of silt and floating debris. The bubble curtain was operated by an ISO certified at 0 Oil-free compressor that sent 45,000 l of air per minute out through the bubble curtain.

This is how the bubble curtain works against particle dispersion. A plume created by the bubbles sending water with silt back towards the source. Click on the image for a PDF (English) with more information.