Siltgardin produksjon

Waens is building 45000 m2 silt curtain in Frier Fjord, Norway.

In Frierfjorden in Telemark, Norway, a large new industrial and port area is being developed on Frier Vest. Waens has been commissioned by the main contractor Hæhre to protect the Frierfjord against particle dispersion from the filling with 45,000 m2 of silt curtains placed at a depth of up to 30 m. There is a need here for strong silt curtains, here with Ø315 PE pipes as floats that give 50 kg buoyancy per m.  Heavy steel chain holds the silt curtains down supplemented by concrete moorings. Because of their size, the curtains must be built on site, the video below shows the rig at Asdalstrand.